Interfacing an EHR with external systems is not new. However, PyraMED I-Link has helped overcome the potential pitfalls of traditional interfacing, making it more reliable, and simpler to manage.

PyraMED I-Link provides real-time data exchange and a unique monitoring system of all data traded via the interface between PyraMED and 3rd Party applications. Unlike most interface technologies, PyraMED I-Link is a central interface tool that can be used with any number of external systems and does not require additional hardware to manage.

ILINK Features

  • Fully automated interface engine
  • Day-to-day operations DO NOT require any user intervention
  • Flexible configuration to external systems
  • A single engine handles ALL your center's interfaces
  • Comprehensive monitoring and management tools


I-Link also allows for a tremendous amount of flexibility in PyraMED's automated processes. While other systems may be able to accomplish automation tasks, PyraMED is able to manage automation processes concisely and quickly tailor the automation request to meet the needs of the client.

Examples include

  • Automated No-Shows
  • Appointment Reminders via Email
  • Automated Text Message Alerts
  • Automated Reporting
  • Automated Student Account Billing
  • Disease Outbreak Notifications